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Are you looking for more insight and clarity?
Get your chakras moving and change your life!

If our chakras are in balance then we feel vital, clear and able to live our maximum potential. If there is imbalance in our chakras, our life energy will stagnate. We feel out of balance and no longer our true Self.
Our chakras are energy centers that are connected to our body. Each chakra has its own area of life and provides us with insight into where we are in our lives.
In this workshop we bring the chakras back into balance. We do this through (specifically designed for this purpose) movements and dance, 5Rhythms, meditation and visualization.
This enables us to resolve blockages.
Our life energy is going to flow fully.
We become clearer in what we feel and want.
And we experience more happiness, power and joy in our daily lives.
5 days of dancing in the summer
5 days all the space to be in contact with yourself
5 days to feel your heart
5 days to dance and then recharged into the world


Unlimited available
Summerintensive Chakra's325.00